by Theo Martins

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Respect from France ;) Favorite track: Balloons.
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The debut album by Theo Martins, circles the story of a boy in pursuit of the bigger things in life and the things he loses through his journey.


© 2012 Good Posture, LLC.


released October 16, 2012

Executive Producers: Theo Martins, Maryann Vasquez
Creative Director: Tomas Whitmore
Mixed: Theophilus Martins, Earth Moon Earth
Art Director: Jon "Rabbit" Francois, Theo Martins, Tomas Whitmore
Photography: Albert Huerta



all rights reserved


Theo Martins Los Angeles, California

Theo Martins is musician and founder of Good Posture.

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Track Name: Wonderland
I understand that time is running short I got no patience / running ball i got the court go stand adjacent / tell my momma that I do love her / place no one up above her / But she's needs to be calling me all that frontin is boring me / I'm living like I got it, cuz I know I got it / When you start to think about it, then you start to doubt it / I got no time for no perfection / time for no direction / If I like it I'm copping it / you can say I'm arrested Ugh / Go tell my friends to wake up cuz they futures dying / Waiting by the mail I call em Megan Ryan / think they living honest but they all liars / we working dead end jobs swear that that won't get us far / Time is moving fast see the way it go, It comes and then it goes you just never know / They want to eulogize me when I'm folding but I told em this the moment so just hold it (break) i got 3 dollars in my pocket, second guessing why I went to college / sign away your home for a student loan / even if you drop on out they still gon get the promise / now that's knowledge, and I mean that / ya degree gon cost you more once you receive that / theres a million on the road would you believe that / up In the burbs where they tell you where the trees at / tell me how can I give up when I see what's on the other side / 7 dollars an hour to clean up and prepare the fries / usually they offer less if you go head and step aside / but don't step aside, please go testify / and tell my brother I love him / tell my father I need em / tell Racquelle Elizabeth and Bisi when I see em / make sure that they understand their brother is freedom fighter / make sure they see the lighters, make sure that my speakers higher
Track Name: Blue Valentine
Im screamin hello how you doing you know they call me theo right / im really, something cool but dont ever go and test me aight / im major not a minor / style like old recliners / hide n seek ill find ya / slow down im right behind ya / im makin the moves pardon my style im breakin the rules / never been one to be fake on the cool / im usin new syllables shakin the room, ya feel it / lets make a move / you tell me what to do / livin life fast to slow we passin go monopoly with the flow (Hook) You see its die and succeed / you say it out loud but you just don't care / farewell well well til you know me / farewell well well til you know my well girlfriend / my game is not a game im shy I keep it safe ill ask you what's your name / then prolly say the same / you know well take it slow / and that's the way i roll / no need for faking or waiting / when im ready youll know / you see my style is wild I speed it up then slow it down / and im the man out here in providence i wear my crown / i know that you think I'm easy or how i come off sleazy / but im far from everything you prolly seen believe me (Hook) You see me budgets kinda tight and my pockets fitting light / ive been waiting for a minute now my papers getting right / wanna take you on a date maybe go and grab a steak / not no lobster for no mobster so your crabs have got to wait / i tell em this is not a game even if they say the same / they gon try to ask your name go and tell em its the same / thats my girl though she is like my world though / take her cross the city shell be living like a world globe / girlfriend girlfriend you should be my girlfriend x4
Track Name: Labyrinths
Yo im hot like 95 Fahrenheit / everybody wanna bear left I'm going right / passin through the tunnels of my life without a fight you could the stars in the sky if you wait at night / rubber burn smells i turn with no avail / pop quiz on my life I shouldn't fail / i will not inhale, all see no tell man im right up on their hairs no dry gel / i see these flashing lights are crazy they all tryna constrain me / no itis but im lazy, don't smoke but it feels hazy oh / but ill never ever ever fall shift gears push near till my name is called / oh yeah, im here i will never stall, the finish line is mine, after all (Hook) Good idea, good idea, good idea, good idea, i like the way you thinkin, i like the way you thinkin / i like the way you thinkin/ Everyone is so opinionated they got plans for my life like i never made it / im in my own lane you could never take it and I love your concerns, but please wait ya turn / last lap, big kap cuz im in the tunnel / bellicheck on deck all in the huddle / thats the red balloon ridin very soon / get well cards ill visit soon/ i feel im too deep like todd james the finish line's all mine, don't waste time / we on the last lap get ya cash back / cuz your bets are all off like bad raps / oh, but ill never ever ever ever fall / shift gears push near till my name is called oh yeah im here i will never stall / the finish line is mine after all i gotta (Hook) I know its good, know its good very good / know its good, know its good so good / daytona 500 drive smart earnhardt when my tires runnin ugh / life is such a speedway with my turns on replay, cuttin through the leeway / gotta move fast see the time tick / good ideas leave ya mind quick / you gotta react in the moment / young jeff gordon please don't bore him / (Hook x2)
Track Name: Balloons
You know I'm looking for the looking for the show / every city that I run into they say I'm moving slow / keek the sneak when I just whisper they just tell me where to go / got the power to turn anything from silver into gold / where they go / cuz im skeeming on em skeeming on em low / hit the city shut it down without requesting radio / Made a name in every town and I don't got no place to go / I just ride the caddy on em while they looking for the tow / You know how they love it / aint nothing above it / They know how we do this/  levitation ruthless / you cannot just call me say that you homie / frontin like you know me baby that is phony / life is what you make it / aint no time to fake it / sorta like we racin / focused on my placements
everybody knows this / theos always focused / if you don't agree i admit that you are bogus (Hook x2) Each and everywhere we go, everywhere we go every time I hit the door the people know they be like whoa oh wow / each and everywhere we go, everywhere we go, every city that i go the ladies know they be like ooo / Speeding through these late nights car aint got no break lights / coasting while I take flight knowing imma take mine / Living like I can't hide /  fighting on the inside / i can never give up you know i got much pride / cringe when they be talking smile when they be gawking / neutral turns to parking driving turns to walking / showed you that i do this told you that i knew this / im more like the judah you're more like a judas /
you know that im doing it / sad because youre losing it / hurts my souls to witness you domestically abusing it / all these songs you ruined it / who else you gon chose to get / this is april homie not believing if you fooling it / take a break if you could get any time if you in it / they dont care about you they gon' front like they are doing it / in your city right now see you got a nice town / come visit my show you can see we pack a nice crowd (Hook x2) / hey, austin white / tell me something different / cookin in the kitchen brother we breakin tradition, hey / x3/ ha, it’s swanky baby
Track Name: KILLER Ft. Maryann Vasquez
6 feet underground now i think ive been waiting / im losing time now i swear I've been patient / call me what you want now I think you gon need it / promises are broken / nobody can keep them / youve been looking super tight ive been feeling super right / show me what you used to do tell me what you used to like, yea / see I'm crazy for baby but you slay me / got my soul inside your lipstick when you blush it gets me hazy ki-ki-killer (Hook) You're such a good killer/youre such a good killer you/ you're nothing but a killer/youre nothing but a killer you/she goes off like a motorbike / two blood stains from a shoulder bite / watch her buck like an overbite / let her go like an orphan might / listen champ i be working hard like I'm on the the yard so go call your dogs / i double the cover that's on six shots and she won't get far / take 3 shots of the glycerin let your eyes get the glistening / we sit back and we let it chill your mind will roll like you michellin / see im crazy for you baby but you slay me / got my soul inside your lipstick when you blush it gets me hazy, ki-ki-killer (Hook)
Track Name: Dr. Robotnic
Question what you really think about the westin / do you think our lives are a lesson / will we be together when our life ends / no guessing, just maybe / do you really think im going crazy / is everything me going hazy / cuz i am the walls real tall like giants / i can't go on / when you're gone I stress on / when you're here I feel strong / how can you just move on we fall off / im crying / my living turns to dying / and all the madness i'm in / continues on to pile in / i'm wyling / you promised me we'd be together girl / i  was your super hero tryna save the world / We had our problems now you wanna leave but I can't let you go cuz you're apart of me (Hook) I’ll never let you go, i‘ll never let you go, go, go I’ll never let you go, you go I’ll never let you go, go, go You stress me every time you leave you arrest me / playin little games don't test me hearts on ice like gretsky / not skatin not hatin / but you aint gonna find nothing greater / cuz i'm all the mix no fader / take it from me straight no chaser we can do this now or later / but you front we can't talk you get dumb / take two steps you back up / scream and yell you act up / cuz you don't listen / i plead and asked permission / ive offered hugs and kisses / to some degree I'm wishing / you promised me we'd be together girl / i was your super hero tryna save the world / we had our problems now you wanna leave / but I can't let you go cuz you're apart of me (Hook) listen to me when i talk don't move don't yell don't even walk / i gotta get myself together cuz im working through weather we aint never gotta ever get rid each other / you left me here told me stay away my love for you can never ever fade / my lil secret call me xscape / don't think for a second i aint no mistake
Track Name: Fragments
I told my dad i loved him and i missed him dearly / had to text it to his phone so that he couldn't hear me / i mean you heard lo fi love/it's been cemented since beginnings giving goodbye hugs / i felt uncomfortable as all he'll but I meant it and I felt it so it's all swell / i'm an emotional artist because i got emotions / eureka magic i’m speaking potions / i pray my story will be looked at as amazing / kanye rap city spitting in the basement / 15 years old i bought a set of turntables / 8 years later got me out my mommas basement, look / the safest place to be is in gods will / never make a move when you're directed still / jenny lo pro see I'm super real / i got feelings no killings but a brother feels / that manager i fired him a month ago / dumb idiot had a mouth like jerry springer show / i trust my gut and let my feelings go / theres no way i'm signing papers if my lawyer groans / see they see greatness in me that I often question / and use it to they own advantage so i never test em / over time i been reminded that i'm something special / i'm a child of god who wants learn a lesson / black kid with a skateboard love/ at 18 I found out what a crack head was, for real / it's a gift and curse with protective parents / you don't see much but it's all apparent / I'm picking up the pieces of identity / breaking all tradition in this mission modern family / i’m fighting for a reason / sleeping with the dreamers / walking with believers / running for the bleachers / Good boy with great intentions i failed to mention / thinking that i'm cheating wont absolve of your deceiving / your self esteem has taken you into some darker regions / im ashamed to see you there I question where you reason / but i blame love and foolish parents / they pressured you i guess it seems apparent / so you lecture me with decent manners / i don't respond to such correction go and spruce your answers / im heartbroken, im sad there's nothing i could do / i just want you to better better than you knew / but you told me i should change and that i was a fool / i shook my head in disbelief like I was seeing two / you seen what happened to everybody i left alone / 30 voicemails pleasing cases cuz they in the wrong / i know you gonna do the same im waiting on your call / and if you dont do it today, im sure you will tomorrow
Track Name: Prisms
(MV)Youre written in the stars youre hidden far away / no matter where you are, youll always be away / (TM) Black and white / city lights / big visions / taking flight / i left my city for them pretty sights / one way ticket i need a bigger life / thought it was something cool, they said it was something rude / told me that I left em alone wishing they could follow too / this is a solo mission you cannot come along / but think about me though when you sing this song (Hook) Oh, youre written in the stars you’re hidden far away / youll always shine through the day / no matter where you are youll always be away / time is taking taking take me away / I'm all alone i need my family / i called your phone i need you badly / second guessing my career I think I need a plan b / had to smarten up i opened the market up / she called me dear like I was bambi/ told me hold on to my dreams no time for missing family / they say nothing lasts forever I hope we become nothing then we could be together (Hook)
Track Name: Windows 95 Ft. Tanya Morgan
Im so special so special like movado / cranberry light ice no gold bottles / i mean I know how to / pop a cork, its a celebration im feelin lucky like i played lotto / whoa, i said it sounds so nice my flow has been nice an youve been aight / big thanks to christ cuz im doing alright / you three blind mice be running for your life, yea / i know im so favored kanye track 14 so major / bill bellamy girl i am no player / but a cool kid hit me on my gold pager, whoa whoa / i know my cup has so runneth over / thanksgiving casserole no leftover / big dog all the girls call me red rover / super sport tanya morgan see the games over, i told ya / (Hook x2) yea, i know it sounds so nice and you can you livin imma just call it life / and you can say you breathin’ imma just call it right i said it feels so good and it sounds so nice / whoa i said it sounds so nice / yea, yea i know it sounds so nice / mr super sport tanya morgan on the mic / i said it feels so good and sounds so right / (DW) Sent that ice up for the nicest emcee / and made a hailstorm it was trying to find me / trying to find three homie look no further nice / killin em with kindness murder / ice one cube scotch two fingers / dont smoke kush but let the smell linger / this the green room homie make it more greener / i aint trying to go home tonight but maybe she could / now dont that sound nice / like js i aint talkin bout them hybrid types / 5s 1 3s cant forget 11s / 513 cinci still reppin / since hes still at it made em all addicts / and i aint stoppin till i gave the world a habit / im trying to be icon status / monumental holidays for don will that is nice / (Hook) (VP) Brothers aint worthy to rock my durbey / nerdy but all of my women are purty / gots me a cool girl her breast are perky / dont let my girl hear this shell murk me / enough with the gotdamn voices / now its time to point this rap thing in our direction / peace to my youth lost up in corrections / all cuz a man never gave him direction / other than the blog tellin him how to dress an / now to get it you found distribute and file prescriptions / excuse me back to nice things / the birth of your first king or queen my scene / great emcees / 80 degrees finding some money / or cats paying you back / owed saying you done it all / game winning plays / end of your work day / your first girlfriend / first kiss / first bass / feel nice in here so nice / it feel nice in here / so nice in here / theo / the almighty tm / what up cincinatti’s in this (TM) sounds so nice / once a spice / sounds so nice / oh oh ohh oh.
Track Name: The Flowers
Are your eyes still green girl / is my flow still mean girl / do you still be out partying / taking shots with the team girl /oh / are you still amongst the rest of em / am still amongst the best of em / and you said you was a christian / i hope you not having sex with em / oh / its whatever / we all human, we make error / i don't mind long as you keep it clever / i take time cuz you due for whenever / make shots, take shots if we miss em / we get back on track never slipping / keep it forward on your mack scottie pippen / brown nose fishin / pipe dream wishin / ohhh, man life is going super good / white girls say im luther good / black girls say im loofa good / and everybody know that luther would / when you speak is it mean / when you sleep do you dream / do you lust do you trust do you fiend / wu tang eyes are you out for the cream / yea, ah man / this is beautiful dog /  i love it / this is dedicated to something / ah man / see this is dedicated to you / im sorry / for all the mess i made / and all the stress i gave / my heart was right i promise you that / these are the flowers / and they for you / for you for you for you/ for you for you for you